Wellness Stay & Hotel Sukhumvit 107 is set up for opening in February 2023 in the east part of Bangkok. The location is easy to access to any main attraction of Bangkok and Samutprakarn Province by Skytrain - BTS Bearing Station which is just 860 meters away from the hotel, Also only 1.6 km. from BITEC (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre) one of the biggest exhibition center of Thailand.
Wellness Stay & Hotel Sukhumvit 107 offers accommodation plus a concept wellness retreat which provides an Onsen and Spa treatment facility on the property to recharge your energy after a busy day.  Cater to all types of functions including meetings, cocktail receptions, parties, and luncheons with a buffet or set menu. Meeting rooms are situated on the 2nd and 9th floors with support facilities,  sound amplifiers, LCD projectors, Wireless microphones, flip charts, slide projectors, etc.  BOOK NOW!





Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre is one of biggest exhibition centre of Thailand just 1.6 km. a way from Wellness Stay & Hotel Sukhumvit 107

Our guest can visit main of destination in Bangkok and Samut Prakan ...

One of the most attraction for tourist who visit Thailand locate at Samut Prakan province, Our guest ...

Ming Market is one of the places to find food near the hotel. About 100 meters ...

Imperial World Samrong Shopping Center only one stop by using BTS(sky train) from Bearing station to ...

Attractive and relaxing market in the Bering area.

Lassalle's Avenue is a good Villa Market for groceries and many restaurants this place has a easy parking. 2.8 km a way from Wellness Stay & Hotel Sukhumvit 107

“Kin Origin Healthcare Center” It's a physical therapy hospital. Providing comprehensive health care for physical rehabilitation with modern health technology (Health Tech), doctors and a team of specialists in rehabilitation such as internal medicine, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics and joints, doctors. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Traditional Medicine, Specialist Physical Therapist nervous system and brain, bones and muscles and occupational therapists, etc., in addition to having an expert rehabilitation team. There is also a team of nurses. and caregivers Who watches over you 24/7

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